[Event] Dice Wars

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[Event] Dice Wars

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 20, 2015 6:11 pm

Basically its PvP, and you roll a dice, and the number that you roll signifies what you do
or what attack you can make. Dice will be provided.

So, there will be two "tournaments".

The first is a reuglar bracket type
(may be double elimination depending on member participation)
This part takes place at Connous Arena (channel 3)

The second is in Alby Arena (channel one where its not very crowded) where it's kind of a free-for-all.
People roll in turns and can attack anyone they want
(may be split into smaller groups if too many people participate, I was thinking groups of six)
This part really depends on how many people participate.

1 - Defense

2 - single attack (ie 1 hit with a sword or arrow,)

3 - combo attack (ie a full N combo (no N+1s) ) - sword(s) or bare hands only

4- smash/magnum

5 - 5 charged firebolt or 5 charged water cannon (may use fire wand or water cylinder)

6 - transform (only to regain HP, detrans right after trans)
(if you cannot trans at the time it is a skip turn)
(if it is close to trans time then judges may decide whether the person can until 6 to trans)

If someone is attack when they shouldnt be, they get to attack the other person.

Players are to move quickly, no dillydallying
(the seconds used to stall can be the difference between dying or going deadly)

The %damage is going to be 5%

No spirit weapons are allowed. Upgraded weapons are fine.

The event will take place on Tuesday June 21st at 5pm PST (8pm EST)

Please sign up below using your IGN.
Sign-ups will end the day of the event.
If you decide you do want to participate or want to cancel during that day, please notify me.

And of course, whats an event without prizes?

The first tournament prizes are:
-500k for first place
-300k for second place

The second tournament prizes are:
-300k for first place

And everyone who doesn't win a prize gets a participation prize! So everybody gets something.

Remember, this is just to have fun. If you don't want to fight, but still want to participate, you can watch the fights.



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